Are Geeks More Romantic?

According to a current article from PC business, geeks would be the most romantic lot of folk out there! Should it be guys to be able to better recognize with tech-savvy ladies or the inherently imaginative character of techier performances, it seems that geeks rule both on the internet and real world passionate areas. And guys – there is something to back up your discussion when anyone state geeks are not any fun!

But what concerning the ladies? This article states that nerd women (or „geekettes“) are far more probably than their non-tech experienced fellow femmes having more energetic social reside. This translates into delving into the internet dating scene as well as other tech-based social pursuits like FourSquare, Brightkite and area or local groups like And so the important thing is: nothing’s completely wrong with becoming a bit of a geek, especially when you are out and seeking for love.

If you should be still quite skeptical in regards to the attraction of „geekdom,“ we’ve developed a summary of amazing items that geeks provide the internet dating dining table:

  • fantastic shoppers – a technical knows his or her means around shopping on the web. Give them a mouse and a laptop and they’re going to click their particular method to purchasing satisfaction.
  • They are connected – whenever you stumble on a fellow technical on an internet dating site, they may be probably be better with emails and communicating before the first go out. Technical is their niche, so take advantage of some great mail banter!
  • Oh-so-resourceful – Since a geek knows their way around a pc just think of the capacity to tap into a nearby pulse. Real time music, local events, motion pictures and dinner bookings – your options are unlimited. Require anything investigated and planned? Give it to a geek!
  • Just handy – it isn’t so very bad having a techie close by. Believe iPhone snarls, cellphone questions, mp3 get and home theatre system hookups. Occasionally you merely can’t overcome „geek“ for answering the questions presented by today’s technology.